Cleanse Subscription Plan



For those who want to reset
their body once a month.

That season's recommended program is on its way to your home!

Great value subscriptions

¥5,500(Tax included)

*Minimum of 3 continuations


Merit of the Cleanse Subscription Service


  • With a regular subscription, you save about 8-14% over regular purchases!
    *Discount rates will vary depending on the monthly lineup.
  • Limited special juices will be on the menu!
  • A set of 7 packs of cold-pressed juices, vegan soups, and vegan curries for one day of that month's recommendation, delivered on the date you specify each month.
  • JUICY NEWS, full of health information, delivered by e-mail once a month
  • Regular delivery makes it easy to keep up
  • Because it is frozen, it can be stored for a long time

Great value subscriptions

Recommended for people like this


  • Those who want to detoxify
  • Those who want to improve their eating habits
  • Those who want to lose weight effectively in a short period of time
  • Those who are not good at continuing
  • Those who want to reset chronic fatigue
  • Those who want to improve the condition of their skin
  • Those who want to improve their daily inactivity
  • Those suffering from constipation

Great value subscriptions

What is Cleanse?

What is Cleanse?


A cleanse is a form of "fasting. By going without solid food for a certain period of time, the digestive activities of the internal organs are rested and only clean nutrition is consumed, detoxifying the body from the inside out.

In our daily lives, we take in the nutrients our bodies need by eating and drinking. As a result, our internal organs are working continuously, using enormous amounts of energy for digestion. That is why we feel sleepy after eating a full meal. In addition, the internal organs, which have been working so hard that their functions have deteriorated, are unable to fully digest the food that has entered the body. This causes fatigue when it remains in the body as waste products.

The Cleanse breaks the negative cycle that can occur on a daily basis and resets the body. By detoxifying the body from the inside out, it changes the way we think about our bodies and improves our constitutions.

Great value subscriptions

Why do a monthly cleanse?


We tend to take excessive amounts of sugar, fat, animal protein, caffeine, and additives in our daily diet without realizing it. If taken in excess, they can cause the body to not be able to digest them fully and accumulate in the body as waste products, which can lead to physical problems. It is important to face the reason why you are doing the cleanse and let your body remember its original normal state. The Cleanse is a way to achieve health and beauty from the inside out. There is nothing more important than health and beauty, which require continuous daily effort. Continuation has a great effect, but the effort itself is hard work, which is why Sunshine Juice offers a special subscription plan to make it easy for you to continue the program.

Great value subscriptions

How to



How you spend your time during and before and after the cleanse is also important. Make sure you spend the right amount of time on the cleanse to make it effective.

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People who have adopted the cleanse


Izumi Mori & Hikari Mori

Izumi Mori & Hikari Mori

Fashion Model / Talent

Naoyuki Honda

Naoyuki Honda

Leverage Consulting
Representative Director, President and CEO



Representative Director, BRAW LTD.
strategic adviser

Chiemi Mutou

Chiemi Mutou

Yoga Trainer

Cleanse Subscription Program


This month's program


Hay fever season!
You can expect allergy improvement
by adjusting your intestinal environment!

  • Spring Green Juice 200ml × 1pack
  • Sweet Kale 200ml × 1pack
  • Refresh Beets 200ml × 2packs
  • Sunshine Aid 200ml × 1pack
  • Pumpkin ginger miso 250g × 1pack
  • Kale and chickpea curry 250g × 1pack

Next month's program


Enjoy the season with
vitamin-rich juices to beat the
ultraviolet rays of early summer!

  • Sakura Citrus 200ml × 1pack
  • Sunshine Aid 200ml × 2packs
  • Sweet Kale 200ml × 2packs
  • Refresh Beets 200ml × 2packs


Sakura Citrus Sakura powder、Mandarin oranges、Kabosu、Lemons、Hassaku、Dekopon、Dai dai
Spring Green Juice Komatsuna、Apple、Bell pepper、Vegetable lactic acid bacteria
Celery Juice Celery
Recovery Beets Beets、Apples、Seasonal citrus
Sweet Kale Kale、Oranges、Apples、Chia Seeds
Refresh Beets Beets、Apples、Maca
Sunshine Aid Kabosu、Pear、Ginger、Lemon、Baobab
Carrot Lemon Carrot、lemon
Tomato Lentil Tomatoes、Lentils、Coriander、Cumin seeds、etc
Pumpkin Ginger Miso Pumpkin、Ginger、Rice miso、Coconut oil、etc
Seaweed Sesame Lotus Root Saga nori®、Shiraishi lotus root、Tahini、Sea salt、etc
Kale Chick Curry Kale、Chickpeas、Coconut cream、Ginger、etc
Beet and Coconut Curry Beets、Coconut milk、Urad beans、Ginger、etc

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Cleanse Monthly Set

Cleanse set x 1delivery per month ¥5,500×1


Great value subscriptions

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