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Chiemi Mutou

Yoga Trainer

National Yoga Alliance RYT200, Indian government certified instructor, graduate of Japan Maternity Yoga Association Basic, nutritionist. Her interest in beauty led her to study nutrition, and while providing dietary guidance as an esthetician, she began seeking beauty from the inside out and succeeded in losing weight through yoga. She went to Byron Bay, Australia to study yoga by herself and obtained certification.

Body and mind are connected.

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I believe that the secret to having a beautiful body is to strike a good balance between "moderation when moderation is necessary, and playing hard when playing hard" A woman with no fat at all is not attractive to both men and women, and I want to maintain just the right balance between body building and lifestyle.

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I lead an active lifestyle, teaching a two-hour yoga class every day, so even during the cleanse, in some cases, I would incorporate a little protein, such as chicken chops. Since I exercise a lot on a daily basis, protein is essential for recovery from fatigue and for bodybuilding, and most importantly, "Don't ever eat that! I can stay in my natural state if I follow my body's request as much as possible. Therefore, it would be better to use the "Green Cleanse" the day after a big meal, or the "Sunshine Cleanse" for a three-day cleanse.

無藤 智恵美さんインタビュー

I can't always eat 100% healthy, so when I feel a little blah, I do a cleanse to Reboot. When you take in fresh, natural foods and sharpen your senses, you naturally find balance in your life and feel more in control of yourself. I feel that the body and mind are connected, which is something I take for granted through the Cleanse.


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