What is Cold Pressed Juice?

Juice squeezed out without destroying the energy
of the ingredients as much as possible

Cold-pressed juice is a juice in which the ingredients are left raw (cold) and pressed (pressed) under intense pressure to squeeze out the water content from the ingredients without adding heat. The greatest advantage is that heat-sensitive nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins can be extracted without loss. Since insoluble dietary fiber is separated out, it is also easier on the digestive system than eating the food directly. It is made with only 100% plant water, without adding chemically synthesized vitamin C, sugar, or extra water. That is why it is the cleanest, least burdensome, and properly fueled for the body. It is a method that allows the body to absorb the original nutrition of plants.

What is Cold Pressed Juice?
What is Cold Pressed Juice?
What is Cold Pressed Juice?
What is Cold Pressed Juice?
What is Cold Pressed Juice?

Our “Juice”

Real juice from Japanese ingredients with a serious juicer

Sunshine Juice uses world class X1 juicer from Goodnature, a trusted company based in the U.S, and is used in more than 80 countries. Every bottle of Sunshine Juice uses 1 to 1.5 kg (2.2-3.3 pounds) of fruits and vegetables, juiced with an intense 5 tons of pressure.

Our criteria for ingredients are “simply good produce,”

We receive fresh and nutritious ingredients harvested at their peak, from more than 50 farms across Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

We visit the agriculturalists, listen to their stories, their passion and philosophies on vegetable cultivation as we taste their produce right in their fields. The more moments like this we share, our appreciation and love for the fruit and vegetables grow deeper.

So-called “imperfect produces,” are fruits and vegetables that do not meet the strict cosmetic standards set by retailers. It is said that in organic farming and special farming methods tend to cause more minor blemishes or irregular shapes, and as much as 30% of produce would be labeled, “imperfect.” These fruit and vegetables are as perfect as could be for us. We’ve build a trusted relationship, essential to receiving such produces, and now have wonderful growers that introduce us to their friends, expanding our friendly network.

You may be surprised to hear that our supplier farms vary with the seasons. This is because we prioritize sourcing simply good produces, and this may vary by location, time of year, and plant variety.

Our juice is 100% plant based, cold-pressed straight from the ingredients, so we value sourcing ingredients at the peak of its flavor, from farmers we can put a name to the face. So juices with the same name, may have a slightly different taste by season. And we think that’s part of the charm of Sunshine Juice.

The fruits and vegetables are used to make 100% vegetable-based vegan soups and curries, Shizen Remedy a powder remedy made from concentrated plant ingredients, and juice salads, which is a special menu only available at the shop location.

The juices are 100% plant based nutrients. No additives are added, and frozen juices are immediately put into a quick freezer in order to deliver the tastiest juice of the moment.

And our circle doesn’t end there. The pulp from our juice is up-cycled to make vibrant natural dye for coloring aprons, nutrient and tasty soup stock, and finally fermented into compost (fertilizer) used to grow the next fruit and vegetables.

There really are many “juices” out there.

We hope you will enjoy the flavors from the plants, in their full natural state, and feel the difference in your sensations and body.

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