Interview about juice cleanse

森泉&森星 森泉&森星 矢印 矢印

Izumi Mori & Hikari Mori

Fashion Model / Talent

Hikari Mori: A top model who has appeared at the Paris Collection since her debut at age 19. She has a variety of skills and is active not only as a model but also in variety shows.

Hoshi Mori: Formerly an exclusive model for the magazine "Cancam", she is now a top model who is active in many magazines and shows. She is also active as a TV personality with the same diverse skills and positive character as her older sister.

Drink juice to be
clean and happy


I've had a lot of cold-pressed juices for photo shoots and interviews, but this is the first time we've tried a juice cleanse together. We could share our experiences and have fun. We enjoyed sharing the experience together. I actually felt better after doing it, and my body felt better and I felt more refreshed. I don't like green juices that are too hard, but the program was well balanced with fruit juices that were sweet and tasty, so it was fun to drink the next juice.


I like that Sunshine Juice has a more direct and powerful taste of fruits and vegetables compared to other cold pressed juices. The fruits and veggies are thick! I think you can feel it. That's why when I find a juice that suits me, I can't give it up, and I love the way it permeates my body when I drink it. I think it is very important to incorporate things into your life that make your body happy, and I think this will naturally show in your style and expression.


If you are looking for an easy way to incorporate something tasty, healthy, and pleasing to your body into your lifestyle, Sunshine Juice is the perfect choice.


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