Interview about juice cleanse

GO GO 矢印 矢印


Representative Director, BRAW LTD.
strategic adviser

He is a member of Gyakusou, a collaboration label between Nike and Undercover that develops running collections based on the principles of less-but-better and function, and is also a member of the running crew Team GIRA.

If you want a good meal
try the cleanse!


A cleanse is definitely recommended for "foodies". When you do a cleanse, your senses are sharpened, and you will enjoy the foods you usually eat and the restaurants you usually go to more. It makes eating more enjoyable, makes you think about the food you eat, and makes you appreciate the food you eat. I have been drinking Sunshine Juice regularly, but this was the first time I did the cleanse. day1 I was a little hungry, but my body adapted to day2 and day3, and at the end I felt something slipping away. day3 I did a little running, which I usually do, and I felt a fine smell that I had never felt before. It was nice to feel fine smells that I had never felt before.


I often travel to Paris for work, and this cleanse was right after I returned from Paris. Usually, I go on a business trip with my body in good shape, having done a lot of running before the trip, but when I return home, I feel ill. I think it is due to a change in food or a disruption in my eating habits. This time, I wanted to get back to a well-balanced routine after returning from a business trip, by first getting my body back in shape and then getting a good workout. I wasn't sure what it felt like to "rest my organs," but I actually did it and got a taste of what it felt like. I felt that I was able to recover to the point where I could not fully recover just by "sleeping" and "resting.


I'm looking forward to having fried rice at my favorite Chinese place in Honmoku!