Interview about juice cleanse

本田直之 本田直之 矢印 矢印

Naoyuki Honda

Leverage Consulting
Representative Director, President and CEO

He holds a Master of Business Administration from Thunderbird International School of Management, is a certified wine advisor for the Japan Sommelier Association, and is the leader of the triathlon team Alapa. In addition to his investment business in Japanese venture companies, he provides advice on leverage management to achieve more results with less effort. His books have sold a total of 2.5 million copies. He lives a dual life based in Tokyo and Hawaii.

Juice Cleanse
as a Trigger


The first time I did a juice cleanse was in Hawaii. It was like a "reboot" for my body, and I have been doing it regularly ever since. The best thing about the juice cleanse is that it is a trigger to reevaluate your diet and the foods you normally eat. It's not a total fast, so when the cleanse is over, you can eat whatever you want! It is not a mindset that says, "I can eat whatever I want after the cleanse is over," but rather, "I cleaned my body once through the cleanse, so I naturally don't want to eat weird foods," which naturally makes me want to continue the cleanse. So, what I eat on the day after the cleanse is also important.


Personally, I recommend a 3days cleanse: start reacting on day 1, cleanse on day 2, and Reboot on day 3. And 3days is easy to incorporate into a weekend + 1 day, even for busy business people. Or, even if it is not a cleanse, you can buy 3-4 bottles at once in the morning, juice breakfast and lunch, and have dinner at a meeting in the evening.


The price may seem expensive at first, but if you think about the quality and quantity of the vegetables used, the time and effort required to prepare them, and most importantly, the changes your body will feel, it is not expensive at all. How about it?

If you are looking for an easy way to incorporate something tasty, healthy, and pleasing to your body into your lifestyle, Sunshine Juice is the perfect choice.