At Sunshine Juice, we try to keep “juice” at the center of our approach to the environment.

We believe that the feeling of goodness in our mind and body, and the powerful energy
of the fruits and vegetables we feel from drinking Sunshine Juice is a way to experience
our connection with the plants, the earth, and the environment.

We constantly ask ourselves, “how can we be closer to the plants and the earth?”

Here are how some ways we create a positive cycle around juice.

We harvest plants from the land,
extract their nutrients and energy, and deliver it directly to our body.

We make most out of our ingredients, with little left to waste,
including create soil that plants can grown in.
Then as the fruit and vegetables are fully grown, they are harvested, and ready to be juiced again.

We’re committed to continue exploring ways to “be closer to the plants and the earth,”
to contribute to the cycle and the environment.

Imperfect Produce into Powerful Energy

Turning distorted vegetables into powerful energy
Turning distorted vegetables into powerful energy
Turning distorted vegetables into powerful energy
Turning distorted vegetables into powerful energy

Sunshine Juice actively sources ingredients that are difficult to sell solely because they do not meet the strict cosmetic standards set by retailers. It is said that in organic farming and special farming methods tend to cause more minor blemishes or irregular shapes, and as much as 30% of produce would be labeled, “imperfect.” These fruit and vegetables are as perfect as can be; they are delicious ingredients and powerful plant energy for our juice. It brings us so much happiness that fruits and vegetables that would otherwise have gone to waste as fertilizers or discarded, reach our customers in the form of juice and bring both the growers and our customers joy.

Being Creative with Juice Pulps

Sunshine Juice continues its efforts to make effective use of the juice pulp (squeezed lees) that remains after being separated in the cold-pressed juice production process. For a bottle of Sunshine Juice, we press over 1kg (2.2lbs) of fruit and vegetables, which also means, that we get quite an amount of pulp too.

As we continue to search for ways to utilize the juice pulps, we’ve come up with ways to up-cycle, like creating vibrant natural dyes, making healthy and delicous soup stock, and finally fermented into compost (fertilizer) used to grow the next fruit and vegetables.

Effective use of juice pulp
Effective use of juice pulp
Effective use of juice pulp
Effective use of juice pulp
Effective use of juice pulp

Nutritious vegan soup stock (vegetable broth)

The seeds, skins, and roots left over from juice pulping still retain "phytochemicals," nutrients that can be extracted when heated. We make our vegan soup broths using juice pulp, which are then made into tasty and nutritious vegan soups and vegan curries.

Vibrant botanical juice pulp dyes

The juice pulp (residue) of the vegetables and fruits retain beautiful and powerful colors of nature. In order to allow people to experience its natural power in their daily lives as much as possible, we provide the residue as a dye to various partners, including Lefts, (@leftstokyo),a product brand that makes various remedyware such as aprons and bags using botanical dye.

Creating Compost with the Power of Plants

“Composting” came as a very natural idea when we thought about how we could give back, and make the plants plants and the earth that brought us delicious vegetables and fruits, happier.

When our founder visited Hawaii as a teenager, there was a scene that left a strong impression on him. He saw an elderly free spirited man who was mixing food scraps with soil, so he asked him what he was doing. The man replied "I'm enriching the soil.” Years later, he realized that the man was making compost, and started his research journey. Along the way, he met his "soil teacher" who has dedicated years to soil creation and composting, and agriculturers with wonderful hearts and minds.

The juice pulp is returned to the microorganisms in the soil to be fermented and contribute to creating better soil. The vegetables made from the soil are used to make juice again, connecting us with nature.

This cycle is Sunshine Juice's cosmic composting (@cosmic_compost). Now, with the cooperation of our partner farms, we have achieved the goal of “re-using all juice pulp from Sunshine Juice and turning them into soil”

The fruits and vegetables grown in the rich soil with cosmic compost is then coming to your home as Sunshine Juice.

Our Cosmic Compost Partner Agriculturers:

Ome Farm
The Farmers
Bassed Farm


Plant powered shop on wheels


SUNSHINE JUICE WHEELS, run on plant power, i.e. used vegetable cooking oil and plant power.

It is the cleanest energy juice car, running on used cooking oil from restaurants and homes. This is the first concept store in the world to produce and serve cold-pressed juice & raw food with mobile off-grid biodiesel. All of the juice machines, which are compact but work well, are powered by solar panels on the ceiling. The shop offers customers the opportunity to taste cold-pressed juices and raw foods that make the most of natural energy and nutrients by using fresh fruits and vegetables that grow strongly in the land they visit, with as little environmental impact as possible. While connecting with local plants, people, and communities, we aim to encounter, realize, and transmit a wide range of fields including the natural environment, energy, food, agriculture, and health in various locations.SUNSHINE WHEELS activities can be found here @sunshinejuicewheels

In cooperation with PoC TECH, all power is generated by tsu-mu solar panels installed on the ceiling of the vehicle (off-grid). In addition to conventional diesel gasoline, the vehicle can switch to using used cooking oil from restaurants and homes as fuel, and can also travel on waste oil.The juice machine is equipped with the M-1 juice machine from「Goodnature」, the world's most trusted brand of cold-pressed juice machines, a Vitamix blender, and an Excalibur dehydrator (food dryer).

A part of Sunshine Juice's efforts was introduced on TV Asahi's "Super J Channel". The program introduces Sunshine Juice's cold-pressed juices and its efforts toward a recycling-oriented society.