Sunshine Juice is Japan's first cold-pressed juice specialty store, launched in 2014.
We are committed to using 100% natural and 100% plant-derived ingredients
so that our customers can taste the energy of living nature.
We connect with growers all over Japan to source the best quality domestic vegetables.

In a video interview with The North Face, our representative, Nori Ko, who enjoys running, talks about his "Juicy Journey," an activity in which he travels to the place where the ingredients are grown and presses them in order to produce higher quality juice, and his thoughts on juice making.

This is a clip from when I attended rapper SHINGO★NISHINARI's "KOMEKANPA Live". We served fresh powerful juice at a great live performance full of love.


With Only Selected Farms

Visiting by foot and selecting materials


Sunshine Juice's juices are simply made by squeezing fresh ingredients. Because we consume 100% naturally derived fruits and vegetables as they are, it is essential to use fruits and vegetables grown by growers that we can truly rely on and can see. We spare no time in selecting the key ingredients so that we can offer the best products at all times.

As we have done for years, we visit farmers to see how their products are produced, listen carefully to their stories, taste their products, and make strict judgments about their ingredients. In our search for fruits and vegetables that we can confidently use and ask for, we also learned the basics of production methods and distribution from the farmers. There is a lot of invisible communication time like this behind the production of juices that can be delivered with peace of mind, using plenty of pesticide-free and pesticide-reduced ingredients.

We now receive fresh, seasonal, nutritious ingredients from more than 50 farmers from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. Our suppliers change from time to time. This is because our priority is to purchase "good quality" products even if the harvesting region, time of year, or variety changes. This is the reason why the same juice tastes slightly different. We hope our customers enjoy the differences in taste from time to time.


Sunshine Juice also actively purchases "B" vegetables, which are of good quality but are not available due to blemishes or other defects. Organic farming and special farming methods tend to produce vegetables that are misshapen, and it is said that as much as 30% of these vegetables end up in the "B" category. Through trusting relationships with farmers, we are now able to sell such vegetables directly to them. With juice, there is no problem of appearance. This is how we are able to produce luxurious juices without price loss.

The Juicing Method

Production method to make the most of vegetable nutrients

Production method to make the most of vegetable nutrients

In conventional juicing, many heat-sensitive nutrients are lost due to the frictional heat of the high-speed rotating blades and oxidation caused by exposure to air. In addition, some commercially available 100% juices have chemically synthesized nutrients added after prolonged heating at high temperatures, but the difference in how they work with natural ingredients is obvious.

Cold-pressed juice is characterized by the fact that the ingredients are left raw (cold) without any heat applied to them, and the water is squeezed out by applying strong pressure (pressed). The greatest advantage of this is that heat-sensitive nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins can be extracted without loss. Of course, there are no additions of any kind, and the water content of the ingredients is 100%.

A bottle of Sunshine Juice uses a large amount of vegetables and fruits, weighing approximately 1 to 1.5 kg. Then, they are pressed under 5 tons of pressure in a special machine, which squeezes out the water and nutrients from the ingredients. The cold press process also separates out insoluble dietary fiber, so the original nutrients of the vegetables can be fully absorbed, and the process is easier on the digestive system than eating them directly.

By carefully making it in the store every day, freshly picked and pressed nutrients can be consumed at once in their best form.

for Your Health

What you can do for your health


Juicing is an efficient way to consume high-quality nutrients from fruits and vegetables, not only to supplement vegetable nutrients that are often lacking, but also to replace one meal with juice to maintain an ideal body shape, or to build a base for those who play sports. The body is not able to digest the food it cannot digest. Undigested food accumulates in the body as waste, which can lead to poor organ function, chronic fatigue, and skin problems. ...... Try a cleanse program that uses juices and breaks between meals to give your internal organs a rest and detoxify your body from the inside out.

& For The Earth

And for the future of the planet


At Sunshine Juice, we make effective use of the juice pulp (squeezed lees) that remains after being separated from the juice in the cold-pressed juice production process in a variety of ways. We have always tried to avoid waste by using the pulp as a broth for vegan soups and vegan curries, and providing it to brands as a dye for aprons and tote bags. One of the things we have been focusing on in recent years is to ferment the lees to make compost and soil. We compost the pulp from properly selected vegetable juices, use the resulting compost to grow vegetables, and then use it again for juicing. Good soil produces good vegetables, which in turn return to the soil, making organic agriculture without the need for pesticides a reality.

To take the fresh power of nature into our bodies through cold-pressed juice and give it back to the earth again. We are creating a sustainable system that contributes to both human beings and the global environment. Working together with the producers and consumers of Sunshine Juice to create such an eco-friendly cycle is also an important activity that forms the core of our company's activities.

For more information, please visit our Environmental Activities page.

For the planet