"New moon juice club" The new moon in June is on the 18th (Sun)

A community that does a juice cleanse at the timing of the new moon
"New moon juice club"

Did you listen to the JUICY TALK podcast that I uploaded the other day?
Among them, the concept of "training" that Mr. Ushioda of meditations in Kyoto was talking about. It seems that the scent of incense sticks to clothes and spreads the scent, and in Buddhism, good habits are ``practiced''. By repeating good habits, the effect will appear so that it oozes properly.

I think the same is true for diet. By fasting regularly and taking in plant nutrition, you will definitely see results and make your life better.

The new moon in June is on the 18th (Sun)
The online "New moon juice club" is a program where frozen juice is delivered to your home every month on the new moon. You can still apply from the online shop now. We are looking forward to your participation 🌝

Let's adopt good habits together.


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