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new moon juice club

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“new moon juice club”, a community for juice cleansing at the timing of the new moon

A special menu where you can drink a total of 2 liters of 2 kinds of juice selected by SUNSHINE JUICE every new moon over the course of the day!
*This product is a regular service product, and we promise to continue at least 3 times. We will deliver the product two days before the new moon.

Invite you to the LINE open chat community where you can share your New Moon Juice Cleanse experience exclusively for purchasers!
(You will receive a LINE open chat invitation URL in the order confirmation email after purchase)

By starting the cycle of the new moon cleanly, the body as well as the mind will be prepared. Furthermore, it is highly recommended because it leads to awareness of the rhythm of the moon!

● Contents of this time (For 6.18)

1 liter Summer Detoxer (Cucumber、Zucchini、Seasonal citrus)

High in water and potassium and low in calories and sugar, cucumber and zucchini juice is recommended for detoxification during the swollen rainy season.
They are also rich in vitamins and folic acid, making them effective for beautiful skin and preventing aging.
It also helps to lower uric acid and cholesterol levels, which are of concern during health checkups.
This is a perfect juice for early summer, easy to drink and refreshing, combined with seasonal citrus fruits rich in citric acid and vitamin C.

1 liter DJ Carrot (Carrot、lemon、chrysanthemum powder)

The beta-carotene (vitamin A) contained in carrots is effective in maintaining healthy skin and mucous membranes, and improving dry eyes and presbyopia. It is also high in antioxidants and helps prevent the body from becoming rusty and regulates immunity. Chrysanthemum contains inulin, a water-soluble dietary fiber, and is said to slow down the rise in blood sugar levels after eating and to regulate the intestines.

new moon juice club ジュース内容
※The photo is an image only. Actual colors may differ.

● Contents of the past 3 times (for reference)

<For 5.20>
1 liter Tomato Gazpacho (tomato, cucumber, lemon, ginger, salt)
1 liter DJ kale (kale, apple, lemon, moringa)

<For 4.20>
1 liter Jabara carrot (carrot [Kochi], Jabara, lemon, ginger, lactic acid bacteria)
1 liter DJ kale (kale, apple, lemon, moringa)

<For 3.22>
1 liter celery juice (celery)
1 liter DJ carrot (carrot, lemon, jerusalem artichoke powder)

● About delivery and order deadline for the latest new moon cleanse juice
New moon: 6.18
Delivery date: Delivery on 6.16, two days before.
Order Deadline: Until 6.8
*Because we are preparing to ship, orders placed by 6.8 will be delivered on 6.16
Please note that orders placed after the order deadline date will not be delivered immediately, but regular delivery will start two days before the next new moon.
Please note that some delivery areas may be delivered the day before the new moon.

● About the delivery and order deadline for the next New Moon Cleanse Juice
New Moon: 7.18
Delivery date: 7.16
Order Deadline: Until 7.8

● About the delivery date for the first order

new moon cleanse description

From the second time onwards, the order (settlement) will be processed automatically 9 days before the new moon.

● About change of delivery date

*Only for the first order, if the delivery date the new moon is inconvenient, please contact us from the inquiry page instead of My Page after placing the order.
Please note that the estimated delivery date that can be changed from My Page is not the first delivery date, but the next delivery date.

You can change the delivery date by logging into your My Account page .

*If you wish to change the delivery date, please do not select a date earlier than the original delivery date due to the manufacturing cycle.
Also, regarding the date after the original delivery date, we will deliver it on the changed delivery date, but please note that the next delivery date will be the day before the new moon.

● Expiration date 1 year from the date of manufacture

Preservation method Freeze (below -18°C)

● How to drink On the day of the new moon, drink 200-300ml of juice every 2 hours starting in the morning. You can cleanse more effectively by drinking non-caffeinated beverages (hot water, natural remedies, herbal teas, etc.) in roughly the same amount as juice, without solids.