"New Moon Juice Club" The new moon in August is on the 4th (Sunday)

"New Moon Juice Club" is a community that does juice cleanses at the time of the new moon.

The August menu is:
Watermelon juice 1L
Daily Juice "Carrot" 1L

Summer is in full swing, and the high temperatures every day from morning onwards can really drain your energy. I've noticed a few people around me getting heatstroke, so I've decided to take extra precautions.

Staying hydrated is extremely important in preventing heatstroke!!!
Watermelon is mostly water, so it can effectively replenish minerals lost through sweat.
Fasting is also effective in preventing summer fatigue! By giving your stomach and intestines a rest, you can restore your body's natural functions!

We will also be serving watermelon at the August New Moon Juice Club, so we recommend watermelon juice, a natural sports drink, to help you stay healthy through the summer!!!

The deadline for August is July 25th.
If an item is sold out, please request a restock.

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