"New Moon Juice Club" The new moon in June is on the 6th (Thursday)

"New Moon Juice Club" is a community that does juice cleanses at the time of the new moon.

The June menu is:
Cucumber Refreshing Juice 1L
Daily Juice "Carrot" 1L

For many people, June brings to mind the rainy season, and we've made cucumber juice, which is recommended for detoxing during this time of year when swelling is likely to occur.
Cucumbers are high in water and potassium, low in calories and sugar, and rich in vitamins and folic acid, making them effective for beautiful skin and preventing aging!!! They also seem to help lower uric acid and cholesterol levels, which are often a concern during health checkups.
Combined with citric acid and citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, this is a refreshing juice that is easy to drink and perfect for the humid and muggy seasons.

Thank you for all your orders every month!
Quantities are limited, so order early!

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