"New Moon Juice Club" The new moon in May is on the 8th (Wednesday)

Do you have any habits that help you stay healthy?

In a survey of New Moon Juice Club purchasers, the responses were varied, including running, yoga, pilates, bedrock bathing, walking as much as possible, eating seasonal fruits, drinking hot water in the morning, and going to bed early and getting up early.

Making it a habit to do things that are good for your body not only helps maintain your health, but it also makes you feel great!
The great thing about the Newmoon Juice Club is that by doing a juice cleanse on the new moon each month, you can feel like "starting the month fresh!"

The menu for May is Tomato Gazpacho 1L
Daily Juice "Kale" 1L

Tomatoes, recommended for early summer, are rich in lycopene, which has antioxidant properties 100 times stronger than vitamin E and is effective in preventing aging and lifestyle-related diseases.
It's also known as "edible sunscreen," so it's perfect for early UV protection before summer begins!
This refreshing juice is like a cold soup, combining cucumber, which is effective against swelling, ginger, which boosts metabolism, and lemon, which is rich in vitamin C, with a pinch of salt to tighten the flavor.

Tomato juice is a hidden popular menu item!
Quantities are limited, so order early!

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