"New moon juice club" March's new moon is on the 10th (Sunday)

New Moon Juice Club, a community that does juice cleanses during the new moon

February's menu is
Spring green juice 1L
Daily juice “Carrot” 1L

March juice is especially recommended for those who are concerned about hay fever! !
The citrus bellows, which have the effect of suppressing allergies, have many repeat customers at the Ebisu store, and are popular for their refreshing sweetness. It also contains vegetable lactic acid bacteria, making it a recommended juice during the hay fever season! This is a detox blend that prepares your body for spring using plenty of komatsuna, which is in season during winter! !

While I'm happy about the unseasonably warm weather lately, I'm also worried about the global environment.
At Sunshine Juice, we are working on a variety of initiatives, but just by thinking a little about the future while receiving nutrients from the plants that the earth has grown, I think our actions from tomorrow will change!

The deadline for March is February 28th.
We look forward to your participation!

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