"New moon juice club" February's new moon is on the 10th (Saturday)

“New Moon Juice Club” is a community that does juice cleanses during the new moon.

February's menu is
celery 1L
Daily juice “Carrot” 1L

Very popular every year! !
100% organic celery juice from Aichi Prefecture is available again this year!
It is rich in water and contains many vitamins, minerals, and folic acid, so it has many beneficial effects such as detoxing, suppressing skin inflammation, antioxidants, and aiding gastrointestinal digestion! The aromatic ingredients apiin and pyrazine are said to relieve stress, improve autonomic nervous system disturbances, and relieve headaches and anxiety.
Since it is a juice made only from celery, it is low in sugar and calories, making it recommended for those on a diet.

The New Year holidays are over, and many people have returned to their normal daily rhythms. Before you start feeling unwell, why not do a cleanse once a month on the new moon and look back on your eating habits?


Orders for February must be placed by Wednesday, January 31st!
Quantities are limited, so please order early!

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