"New moon juice club" December's new moon is on the 13th (Wednesday)

“New Moon Juice Club” is a community that does juice cleanses during the new moon.

The menu for December is
Turmeric roots 1L
Daily juice “Kale” 1L

December is finally here!
A recommended menu for detoxing during the cold season is juices made from root vegetables that are in season during the winter.
Root vegetables that grow slowly in the soil absorb plenty of minerals from the earth, making them not only sweet and delicious in winter, but also highly nutritious. Just in time for the year-end and New Year party season, we have blended turmeric, which cares for liver function, with root vegetables such as carrots and ginger, which have a warming effect on the body.

Even in December, when you tend to eat and drink too much, having a day to reset will calm your mind and body!

The new moon in December is 13th (Wednesday)
If you would like delivery starting this month, please place your order from the online shop by Sunday, December 3rd! There are only a few left this month.
If you are picking up at the Ebisu store, please come after the evening of the 12th (Tuesday) or on the 13th (Wednesday).
Please bring your own bottle with you.
(We also sell 1L glass bottles in stores.)

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