"New moon juice club" November's new moon is on the 13th (Monday)

New Moon Juice Club, a community that does juice cleanses during the new moon

The new moon in November is on the 13th (Monday)
If you would like to receive this month's delivery, please place your order from the online shop by Friday, November 3rd! There are only a few left this month.

November's juice menu is
Papaya Enzyme 1L
Daily juice “Carrot” 1L

It's a time when it's easy to get sick as the temperature drops day by day.
This month is perfect for building a body that can withstand the cold! We have prepared papaya juice!

The papaya we use is grown in "Cosmic Compost," a soil made from composted food waste, such as juice residue from the store! He grew up fine and came back to the store!
The enzyme papain contained in green papaya has the function of breaking down the three major nutrients, and the enzymes in the body can be used for metabolism. Therefore, you can expect a warming effect from the inside of your body and a diet effect!
Get in shape for the busy end of the year with a blend of apples, which are actually effective in preventing lifestyle-related diseases, celery, which has a scent that improves your skin and calms your mood, and lemon, which fights off colds and fatigue!

If you are picking up at the Ebisu store, please come after the evening of the 12th (Sunday) or the morning of the 13th (Monday).
Please bring your own bottle with you.
(We also sell 1L glass bottles in stores.)

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