"New moon juice club" January's new moon is on the 11th (Thursday)

New Moon Juice Club, a community that does juice cleanses during the new moon

The menu for January is
Recovery Beats 1L
Daily juice “Kale” 1L

The first new moon of the new year is Thursday, January 11th.
We have prepared a fruit-based juice that has high recovery effects and is easy to drink, using beets, which are also known as "edible blood transfusions"!
The NO produced in the body by ingesting a component called nitrate from beets is expected to prevent blood clots by making blood vessels soft and healthy.
It improves blood flow and makes it easier for oxygen to circulate around the body, which helps in recovering from fatigue and increasing endurance.
This juice is perfect for the cold season when blood circulation tends to be poor!

Only a few left this year!
Are you feeling unwell due to the cold and busy schedule?
Listen to your body and put your health first! ! !
Orders for January must be placed by January 1st (Monday)!
Quantities are limited, so please order early!
If you are picking up at the Ebisu store, please come after the evening of 10th (Wednesday) or 11th (Thursday).
Please bring your own bottle with you.
(We also sell 1L glass bottles in stores.)

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