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Sweet kale 6pack set

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A green juice made by adding the natural sweetness of apples and mandarin oranges to domestic pesticide-free kale. The popular superfood chia seed is also boosted, making it an indispensable juice for maintaining health and beauty.

● Contents
Sweet Kale 200ml x 6 packs (apple / kale / mandarin orange / chia seed)

●Expiration date
1 year from date of manufacture

● How to save
Store frozen (below -18°C)

●How to drink
Thaw in cold water just before drinking.

This is a frozen cold-pressed juice that uses plenty of high-quality domestic vegetables found by visiting producers all over Japan and is squeezed using a cold-pressing method, then quickly frozen to keep it fresh. Enjoy the original taste and nutrition of the ingredients to adjust your daily nutritional balance.

*This product will be delivered by frozen cool delivery service. Please note that the shipping fee will be charged separately if you purchase it together with a product that is delivered at room temperature.

*About Raw Materials