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Shizen Remedy "DETOX"【Sugina Powder】

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"DETOX" has the effect of excreting excess substances in the body from the "chlorophyll" contained in the natural medicinal herb "SUGINA". Take 1 sachet as about 300ml of water or hot water. It's convenient to carry around, so it's great for work, travel, and before and after sports. It is also a perfect gift for those who care about their health.

● Contents
Shizen Remedy "DETOX"【Sugina Powder】20 packets

●Expiration date
December 31, 2023

●Storage method
Avoid high temperature and humidity and store away from direct sunlight (recommend storing in a refrigerator after opening to prevent moisture absorption and insect damage)

●How to drink
Dissolve 1 sachet in about 300ml of plain hot water or water and drink as horsetail tea.

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