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Green Cleanse

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"This cleanse set recommends replacing all meals for the day with Sunshine Juice!"
A cleanse made with only green juice and plenty of kale, the king of vegetables. It is a well-balanced program that includes moderate amounts of carbohydrates.

● Contents
Detox Kale 200ml x 5 packs
Sweet Kale 200ml x 4 packs

●Expiration date
1 year from date of manufacture

● How to save
Store frozen (below -18°C)

●How to drink
It is a set for one day.
Replace with a full day's worth of meals.
There is no set order to drink, so please drink in your favorite order.
Thaw the juice in cold water just before drinking.

<What is Cleanse>
A fasting that encourages the body to use the digestive energy used by the body to discharge waste products that have accumulated in the body by spending a certain period of time without eating and eating only cold-pressed juices and vegan soups that are nutritious from vegetables and fruits. (fasting) method.

The cleanse delivered frozen can be stored for a long time, so it is a convenient set that you can cleanse anytime you like.

*This product will be delivered by frozen cool delivery service. Please note that the shipping fee will be charged separately if you purchase it together with a product that is delivered at room temperature.

*About Raw Materials