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Daily Juice (Kale) “DJ” Subscription plan

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Are you eating 3meals a day?
Could the cause of persistent fatigue be internal organ fatigue?

What is Daily Juice “DJ”?

It is a set of daily juice "DJ" that replaces one meal a day and creates a habit of losing weight.
Juice made with domestic organic kale and domestic organic moringa based on apples and lemons and made with a cold press method that sticks to easy drinking.

This "DJ" is a recommended juice for those who are particular about food, developed with the full cooperation of three food professionals.

Click here for the interview

● Contents

“DJ” (Kale) 200ml x 15 packs (Kale / Lemon / Apple / Moringa)

●Two types of plans

15packs set x Monthly delivery plan
→ For those who want to take in once every two days.
We will deliver 15 “DJ” once a month.

15packs set x Twice Monthly delivery plan
→ For those who want to take it in every day.

*Regular service is guaranteed to be continued for at least 3times.

Advantages of replacing one meal

  • ・Keep your ideal weight!
  • ・Improve immunity!
  • ・The sense of taste is sharp!
  • ・Resolving shortage of vegetables!

●Regarding the first order, the second and subsequent orders, and the delivery date

About the first order, the second order and the delivery date

●About change of delivery date

*The first delivery date will be determined at the time of ordering.
Please note that the scheduled delivery date that can be changed from My Page is not the first delivery date, but the next delivery date.

You can change the delivery date by logging into your My Account page .