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Cleanse Subscription plan

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What is Cleanse Subscription plan?

Once a month, as a recommended program for that season, we will deliver a 7-pack set for one day with a combination of cold-pressed juice, vegan soup and vegan curry.

*Regular service is guaranteed to be continued for at least 3 times.

Advantages of regular cleaning service

  • ・For regular flights, you save about 8 to 14% compared to regular purchases!
    (The discount rate will change depending on the monthly lineup.)
  • ・Limited special juice is on the menu!
  • ・JUICY NEWS full of health information will be sent by email once a month
  • ・Because it arrives regularly, you can easily continue
  • ・Because it is frozen, it can be stored for a long time.

●Recommended for:

  • ・I want to detox
  • ・I want to improve my eating habits
  • ・I want to diet effectively in a short period of time
  • ・I'm not good at continuing
  • ・ I want to reset chronic fatigue
  • ・I want to condition my skin
  • ・ I want to improve my daily unhealthy habits
  • ・I have a problem with constipation.

●Regarding the first order, the second and subsequent orders, and the delivery date

About the first order, the second order and the delivery date

●About change of delivery date

*The first delivery date will be determined at the time of ordering.
Please note that the scheduled delivery date that can be changed from My Page is not the first delivery date, but the next delivery date.

You can change the delivery date by logging into your My Account page .

●Program content

Program of this month (March)

Cleanse image of the month

Hay fever season has arrived!
Let's make the intestinal environment and take care of allergies!

  • Winter roots 200ml × 1 pack
  • Sweet Kale 200ml × 2 packs
  • Refreshing beats 200ml × 1 pack
  • Seaweed sesame lotus root 250g × 1 pack
  • Beetroot and coconut curry 250g × 1 pack
  • Tomato lentil 250g × 1 pack

Program for next month (April)

Next month's cleanse image

New life is starting!
Start feeling good by getting yourself in shape from the inside out!

  • Sweet Kale 200ml × 2packs
  • Celery juice 200ml × 1pack
  • Sunshine Aid 200ml × 2packs
  • Pumpkin Ginger Miso 250g × 1pack
  • Beet and Coconut Curry 250g × 1pack