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Cashew milk 6pack set

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This gently sweet nut milk is made only from raw cashews, dates, and deep sea water.
Among nuts, cashews are particularly rich in minerals such as iron and zinc, which can be expected to improve anemia, boost immunity, maintain beautiful skin and hair, and eliminate cholesterol.
It is recommended to enjoy cashews as they are, or to add them to smoothies or dishes.

● Contents
Cashew milk 200ml x 6packs (Deep sea water / Cashew nuts / Dates)

Expiration date 1 year from the date of manufacture

Preservation method Freeze (-18°C or below)

● How to drink
Please defrost in cold water just before drinking.
This 100% natural handmade cashew milk is made from raw cashew nuts, dates and deep sea water only.
It is easy to drink with a gentle sweetness and is safe for people with milk and dairy product allergies.

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