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What is CHAGA?

What is CHAGA?

  • A rare mushroom
    that parasitizes
    only one in 20000
    birch trees


    Forest Diamond

  • Antioxidant power
    effective in preventing
    aging and lifestyle-related
    diseases is about 60times
    that of kale! 250times
    that of spinach!


    For anti-aging care

  • Outstanding
    beta-glucan content
    among mushrooms!


    Improved immunity

Chaga Image
Chaga Image
Chaga Image

① So rare that they call it the diamond of the forest!

Chaga is a mushroom parasite that grows mainly on birch trees. It is so rare that only one in 20,000 birch trees has the parasite, and it is called "diamond of the forest" or "phantom mushroom" due to its scarcity and high value. In the extremely cold region of Siberia, the mushroom has such a powerful life force that it sucks up the sap of the birch tree for 10 to 15 years, absorbs nutrients, and rots the host tree.

② Take SOD, an enzyme that removes active oxygen, for anti-aging and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases!

Reactive oxygen species are known to cause various diseases. Modern people's bodies produce excessive amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS) due to exposure to exhaust fumes and ultraviolet rays, exposure to electromagnetic waves from computers, smartphones, microwave ovens, excessive stress, smoking, additives in processed foods, and other factors. This excess of reactive oxygen species, when combined with lipids, can damage cells in the body, accelerate aging, and cause lifestyle-related diseases.

SOD (Super oxide dismutase) = enzymes that remove reactive oxygen species. The human body maintains health through a balance between antioxidant enzymes such as SOD, antioxidant substances such as polyphenols, and reactive oxygen species. However, modern life produces an excess of reactive oxygen species, while the amount of antioxidant enzymes that remove these reactive oxygen species in the body is limited and not sufficient. It is said that the amount of SOD produced in the body decreases after the age of 25 and declines rapidly after the age of 40. In addition, there are few daily foods that are rich in SOD, so it is not easy to obtain SOD from outside sources.

Chaga is an easy way to consume SOD, and its SOD content is said to be 20 times that of agaricus, 60 times that of kale, and 250 times that of spinach. Sunshine Juice's chaga is naturally grown in Siberia. Because it grows in extremely cold Siberia, it has outstanding vitality and nutritional value. Take a little bit of 100% pure natural chaga every day to help maintain your body.

SOD Graph

③ Take some beta-glucan to boost your immune system!

Mushrooms are rich in beta-glucan, which boosts the immune system, and chaga is outstanding in its content. Please drink it daily to boost your immune system and help prevent viruses and take care of your body.




  • Dissolve one packet in about 300 ml of white water or water as chaga tea.
    Blend with nut milk, soy milk, or agave syrup as desired.
  • Accent demi-glace sauces, berry sauces, dressings, etc.
  • Blend in coffee or fruit tea.
  • Mix desired amount into pancakes, bowls, smoothies, etc.

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