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Vegan Curry & Vegan Soup Set

Regular price ¥3,700 Unit price  per  (Tax included.)

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Detox while eating! A very popular vegan curry and vegan soup set. Let's take in curry or soup for one meal a day and fix your eating habits while eating well.

● Contents
Kale and chickpea curry 250g x 1 pack
Beets and coconut curry 250g x 1 pack
Tomato lentil 250g x 1 pack
Pumpkin ginger miso 250g x 1 pack

●Expiration date
1 year from date of manufacture

● How to save
Store frozen (below -18°C)

● How to eat
Soak the pack under running water to thaw it lightly, and when it has melted slightly, remove the contents from the pack into a saucepan and heat it over low to medium heat.

A 100% plant-based vegan curry and vegan soup made with plenty of high-quality domestic vegetables. We use plenty of carefully selected domestic vegetables and take our time to make them, so you can take in the phytochemicals and insoluble dietary fiber that are abundant in the skins and roots of vegetables while reducing the burden of digestion on your body. . Vegan curry is a delicious curry that warms from the core of the body with the richness and depth of various spices such as cumin and turmeric. Vegan soup is a gentle and delicious soup based on vegetable broth. 100% natural curries and soups are sure to permeate the body with the nutrients of vegetables and effectively support metabolism and detoxification.

*This product will be delivered by frozen cool delivery service. Please note that the shipping fee will be charged separately if you purchase it together with a product that is delivered at room temperature.

*About Raw Materials

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