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Active Cleanse

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This cleanse set recommends replacing all your daily meals with Sunshine Juice. "I want to be active and exercise while on the cleanse!" This set is for those who want to stay active during the cleanse.
The Sunshine Juice Set is a combination of nutritious and easy-to-drink juices centered around cashew milk, which provides protein, and beet juice, which has a high recovery effect.
We do not recommend strenuous exercise during the cleanse, but this set is recommended for those who want to do light running, yoga, or other exercise that is part of their routine.

● Contents

Cashew milk 200ml x 2packs
Refresh Beets 200ml x 3packs
Sweet Kale 200ml x 2packs
Sunshine Aid 200ml x 2packs

●Expiration date

1 year from date of manufacture

● How to save

Store frozen (below -18°C)

●How to drink

Thaw in cold water just before drinking.

<What is Cleanse>

A fasting that encourages the body to use the digestive energy used by the body to discharge the waste products accumulated in the body by spending a certain period of time without eating and eating only cold-pressed juices and vegan soups that are rich in the nutrients of vegetables and fruits. (fasting) method.

The cleanse delivered frozen can be stored for a long time, so it is a convenient set that you can cleanse anytime you like.

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* About raw materials

Hormone balance