"Guruguru Experies" will be held on May 5th (Children's Day) at the Zushi Film Festival!

A workshop and talk show where you can feel the spinning in various ways, sent by "Sunshine Juice", Hayama's organic farmer "Bassed Farm", and many guests.

You can also participate in various workshops by applying for the talk show, so please apply from the link below.

Details: 5/5 14:00-19:00 Zushi Film Festival
“Guruguru Experience” by Sunshine Juice and Bassed Farm

Guru Guru Workshop: (14:00-19:00 Closed during the talk)
Sprinkle the seeds that have been collected and connected to the Cosmic Compost made by squeezing the juice and take them home! by bassed farm/ Cosmic Compost

Bring used oil from your home or shop and offer it to the gasoline of Sunshine Juice Wheels, a juice shop that travels with waste oil! by Sunshine Juice Wheels

Bring old clothes and silk screen print them to find new value!
by Koichiro Takagi (painter) and GURU-GURU-CREW

Guru Guru Drink and Food: (14:00-19:00 until sold out)
Sunshine Juice, Yorokko Beer , PARADISE ALLEY , SHIRO etc.

Guruguru Music Select: (14:00-19:00 Record sales are also available)
by mini van record shack

Round and round talk show Participation fee 1000 yen each with juice tasting

Part 1 from 15:00
Guest Ai Futaki (aquatic artist)

Title: we are all connected

Part 2 from 17:00
Guest Itak Shaggy Tojo (musician)

Title: Rasta's recommendations for natural foods. ital is vital.

Click here for tickets

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