I was interviewed for the program "People, Mountains, and Roads - A Lifestyle that Experiences UL".

I was interviewed for the program

I was interviewed for the UL hiking brand mountain and road journal "People, Mountains and Roads - A way of life that embodies UL."

On the day, we visited the amazing Bassed Farm in Hayama, where we got to get up close and personal with the delicious, powerful vegetables we were juicing right in the field using our off-grid mobile juice bar, SunshineJuiceWheels.

I have learned a lot from meeting Natsume-san, the representative of Yama to Michi.

Everyone involved is wonderful and I am honored to be interviewed by such a great brand.

The following is an excerpt: "Sharpening both the body and the mind will lead to identifying what is truly important. There is a commonality between this and the UL philosophy that Yama to Michi holds dear."

Please read it.

You can read it here

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