Winter special juice is ready! "Winter roots!"

Winter special juice is ready!

Winter special juice is ready! "Winter roots! "

Winter roots is the main juice that is delicious in winter!

Also known as an “eating blood transfusion,” beets have been attracting attention in recent years for their various effects, such as improving blood circulation, softening blood vessels, preventing anemia, and increasing endurance.
Carrots are rich in β-carotene and are effective for anti-aging and boosting immunity.
In addition, turnips, which are rich in digestive enzymes and keep you in shape, and ginger, which warms your body and increases your metabolism.

It is a cold-weather-resistant dish that recharges the energy of root vegetables that have absorbed nutrients in the soil.

Among them, the beetroot, which is so nutritious that it is said to be a miracle vegetable, uses pesticide-free beets grown with love by Mr. Yamazaki in Kochi Prefecture.

I love beets so let's make them! It's been 8 years since I decided to use organic beets Yamazaki's beets from Kochi Prefecture as a material for this month's frozen special juice. Quantity and sales period will be limited!

Please try to drink a special blend that can only be drunk during this nutritious season. Frozen Special Blend is now on sale from the online shop!

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