Now this year has started! ! Popular "Watermelon Juice"

Now this year has started! ! Popular

A 100% natural sports drink made by adding a small amount of natural salt to domestic watermelon!

Watermelon juice, which is rich in minerals such as potassium and magnesium, not only replenishes water, but also improves blood flow, eliminates swelling, and has a fatigue recovery effect. It also contains plenty of lycopene, so it is also recommended for UV protection!

The juice is so rich in natural sweetness that customers are surprised to hear, "Is this just the sweetness of watermelon?!"

Even though I'm drinking a lot of commercially available sports drinks, I'm kind of thirsty. What kind of experience do you have? This is a state where the body is not able to properly absorb water because it is sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

So, after all, it is necessary for us to properly hydrate from the living nutrition that grew up with plenty of natural sunshine.

By all means, drink the juice and see how it permeates your body and makes you feel refreshed.

You can drink it only in the summer at the Ebisu store. Enjoy the summer by drinking watermelon juice to your heart's content!

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