Valentine's Day special gift is here!

Valentine's Day special gift is here!

Valentine's Day special gift is here!

・Sunshine Aid (Pear / Ginger / Lemon / Kabosu / Baobab) 200ml✖️1pack

・ Refreshing beets (apple / beets / maca)

・Sweet kale (apple / kale / mandarin orange / chia seed) 200m✖️1 pack

・ IGNITE YOGA online studio 1 month free gift code
Price ¥2,980 (tax included)


For those who are important to you, those who are always indebted, or as a reward for yourself! We have a special Valentine's gift that wishes you good health!

It is a product that allows you to easily incorporate healthy “diet” and “exercise” into your daily life.

A special collaboration that includes a set of sunshine juice, which allows you to easily take in the nutrients of plants, and a one-month free coupon for IGNITE YOGA, which can be taken online.
(* A gift code that allows you to take IGNITEYOGA for free for one month will be delivered to the destination together with the product. The person who receives the gift will need to register himself/herself.)

It is on sale at the online shop only.

You can attach a message card free of charge during the Valentine's Day gift sale period.
You can also use the very convenient "e-gift", so please use it as well.

“HEALTHY” VALENTINE GIFT to make everyone healthy and happy.

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