Turmeric roots are ready!

Turmeric roots are ready!

Seasonal juice “Turmeric Roots” is now available!

Juice made with root vegetables that are in season in winter, carrots and ginger, is topped with powdered domestic turmeric.

It's an easy-to-drink menu with the sweetness of apples and the freshness of lemon.

Root vegetables that grow slowly in the soil absorb plenty of the earth's minerals in the winter, making them not only sweet and delicious but also highly nutritious.

It's blended with turmeric, which takes care of liver function, just in time for the year-end and New Year party season, so please take a moment to gently take care of your body in between your fun plans.

It is also recommended as a gift for a loved one who is worried about binge drinking!

Products from SunshineJuice's online shop can be easily sent as e-gifts via email, LINE, or SNS without having to worry about the recipient's address or date and time, so please take this opportunity to express your gratitude or express your gratitude for the past year. Would you like to send it with this?

This time of year, there are more opportunities to accidentally drink too much than usual, such as Christmas, year-end parties, New Year's Day, and New Year's parties.

Please use "Turmeric Roots" to maintain your health during the busy year-end and New Year holidays.

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