The special juice "Tomato Gazpacho" has been frozen!

The special juice

It's a very delicious juice for the hot and humid morning of the rainy season!

It is not the "red" tomato juice that everyone knows, but it is a refreshing and delicious blend full of tomato flavor.

It contains a variety of well-balanced nutrients such as vitamin C, which is useful for beautiful skin and cold prevention, vitamin E, which suppresses aging, potassium, which is effective in preventing swelling, and dietary fiber, which regulates the intestinal environment.

Tomatoes are also called “edible sunscreen”. If you drink this as an early UV countermeasure before summer starts, it's perfect.

In addition to tomatoes, cucumbers that are effective against swelling, ginger that increases metabolism, lemons with plenty of vitamin C are combined, and a little salt is added to tighten the taste, making it a cold soup-like juice.

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