Autumn special juice is ready! "Sweet Green"

Autumn special juice is ready!

Autumn special juice is ready! "Sweet Green"

A blend of kale, ginger, apple, and lemon made from pears from Hayashi Farm in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Folic acid, which is abundant in kale, is effective for cell generation and metabolism! It is said that it is good not only for building a healthy body, but also for beautiful skin and prevention of gray hair. Plus, it's full of vitamins and calcium! It also has anti-aging effects.

A blend of pears that are still in season and apples that have become sweeter, we have created an easy-to-drink and detoxifying juice. Ginger is also effective, so you can prevent coldness and you can feel the warmth from the inside of your body.

Along with over-the-counter sales, a limited number of frozen special juices will be available online from today! The number is limited because it is a seasonal juice. If you are interested, please purchase it as soon as possible!

Now on sale at the Ebisu store online shop! Please try to taste the juice packed with the season.

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