Mobile store "Sunshine Juice Wheels" will start!

Mobile store

Mobile store "Sunshine Juice Wheels" will start.

This weekend, September 4th , we will be sunshine at Kyoto's Zero Waste Supermarket Totoya !
Everyone is healthy with vegetables and fruits in the suburbs! We will squeeze the juice that will be, so please drop by.
A talk event will also be held on 9/3, so please come and visit us.

We also sell various eco-friendly products made by artist Niki Loreke , so please stop by!

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Quote from Totoya Instagram-----

September 3rd (Sat) & 4th (Sun)
Japan's first cold-pressed juice specialty store "SUNSHINE JUICE" is coming to Totoya!


started in 2014
Japan's first cold-pressed juice specialty store. In addition to selling delicious juice, in order to reduce food waste , we actively use materials that are damaged or difficult to sell due to poor shape.

The juice residue can be used as a dye for soup or curry .
And so on.

Cold-pressed juice is a juice that squeezes out the moisture of raw materials (cold) by applying strong pressure (press) .

We visit producers all over Japan and mainly use fresh, seasonal ingredients that are pesticide-free or reduced .

Cold-pressed juice, which is rare in the Kansai area ... Don't miss this opportunity!


DAY1. September 3 (Sat) Talk event

Mr. Kou Nori, representative of Sunshine Juice, from "What is cold-pressed juice?"
We would like to ask you about Sunshine Juice's initiatives, including the new solar-powered mobile store that uses waste oil and the books that are scheduled to be released !
It's rare to have a chance to hear directly from Nori !
Please feel free to join us♪😌✨

* We accept questions in advance.
Please send it with the application form.

・Time 18:30~20:00

・Talk guest
Mr. Nori Kou, representative of Sunshine Juice

・ Participation fee 1500 yen (with cold press juice)
* Meals are cash-on system. Order what you like.

・Capacity: 20 people

・Event participation application:
Totoya Instagram top screen
Please use the application link!


DAY2. September 4th (Sun)
Cold press juice sold by weight

We will be selling cold-pressed juices at Totoya for the whole day!
Nori himself can customize it according to your wishes!

・Time 11:00~18:00

Customized by Nori
1 cup 1000 yen
Choose from Totoya x Sunshine Juice Special Juice
750 yen per cup

·How to buy
Drink your favorite juice in-store
*Please prepare your own bottle.

・Advance reservation for take out
If you would like to take home more than 500ml of juice
Please make a reservation in advance!!

100 ml 300 yen is a great deal!

・Take out advance reservation application
Totoya Instagram top screen
Please use the application link!

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