Sunshine juice's mobile concept shop "SUNSHINE JUICE WHEELS" Sunshine juice's new store!

Sunshine juice's mobile concept shop

Sunshine juice's mobile concept shop "SUNSHINE JUICE WHEELS" Sunshine juice's new store!

This shop will be the world's first concept shop that can manufacture and provide mobile off-grid cold-pressed juice and raw food.

It is fully equipped with the world's most trusted cold press juice machine brand "Goodnature" juice machine M-1, Vitamix blender, and Excalibur dehydrator (food dryer). Get closer to where the powerful plants grow to produce the freshest and most powerful cold-pressed juices, smoothies and raw foods available.

In addition, with the cooperation of PoC TECH, all of these facilities are powered off-grid by tsu-mu solar panels installed on the ceiling of the car. In addition to the conventional light oil gasoline, it is possible to switch to using used cooking oil from restaurants and households as fuel, and it is also possible to move with waste oil.

The menu at the new store includes cold-pressed juices and raw foods that make the most of natural energy and nutrients, using freshly harvested vegetables and fruits that can only be tasted there. In addition, we will travel while minimizing the environmental impact as much as possible, and will disseminate awareness in a wide range of fields such as the natural environment, energy, food, agriculture, and health in various places!

Stay tuned to our Instagram sunshinejuicewheels for future updates on this new store, Sunshine Juice Wheels ! Sunshine juice in your city!

If you are interested, please contact me.I hope I can connect with many people. stay juicy

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