Cold-pressed juice for golfers is now available!

Cold-pressed juice for golfers is now available!

We have created two types of cold-pressed juices for golfers, "ZONE" and "CHAGE", developed in collaboration with the golf shop "clubhaus"!

We are now selling a set of 3 ZONE bottles and 3 CHAGE bottles with 1 special koozie at the clubhaus online shop.

*You cannot choose the color of the koozie.

"ZONE" is a recipe that adds CBD to chamomile, yuzu, and tangerine juices, which are said to have a high relaxing effect, and makes it easier to get into the zone by relaxing and playing calmly without rushing.

"CHAGE" is a refreshing, easy-to-drink watermelon and passion fruit juice with a kick of ginger, and is a blend that aims to create an opportunity to turn on the charge switch.

Drink ZONE before the start and CHAGE in the second half of the race, and improve your condition from the inside out!

It's a nice season when the heat eases.

We hope you can enjoy golf even more with energy derived from nature.

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