Special juice! "Summer Detoxer" is ready!

Special juice!

Special juice! "Summer Detoxer" is ready!

The rainy season continues and the days are damp, but summer is almost here!
The leading role of this special juice is Uri! Cucumber, zucchini, loofah, and a little citrus added to this menu!

Cucurbitaceous plants are rich in water and potassium. Water filled with such naturally-derived nutrients improves circulation in the body. During this period, the body tends to swell, and swelling can cause physical discomfort. I think that by making your body go around well, your body will become lighter and you will feel refreshed and comfortable.

Although it has a little blueness peculiar to Cucurbitaceae, the zucchini gives it a refreshing and easy-to-drink taste, just like a sports drink. We also blend loofah from Moringa Farm in Okinawa .

Enjoy the early summer special blend for the summer!

Limited time only! You can drink at the Ebisu store!


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