On June 15th (Wednesday), a soil talk "Let's learn about the soil, let's make the soil" will be held on Instagram Live.

On June 15th (Wednesday), a soil talk

Continuing from last year, Sunshine Juice representative Kounori and eatrip owner/cook Yuri Nomura invited Dr. Rikio Hashimoto, director of the Compost Soil Research Institute, to give a "soil talk 'Let's learn about soil, let's make soil'." It will be held.

Mr. Hashimoto, the leading authority on composting in Japan, will talk about his thoughts on soil, questions, questions, and impressions that have arisen after making compost for a year.

I want to make compost, but I don't know how to make it. A practical version of the story about compost! I will introduce you with.

We will accept your questions in advance, such as questions and advice about soil that you would like to ask Dr. Hashimoto.
From June 13th (Sun), we will be accepting submissions on @eatripsoil & @sunshinejuicetokyo stories, so don't miss it.
Of course, we will accept questions during the live broadcast, so please feel free to send us your opinions and impressions.

■ Delivery date and time ・ June 15 (Wednesday) 18: 00-19: 00

■Guest Rikio Hashimoto (Director of Compost Research Institute)

■ Host Kounori (Representative of Sunshine Juice)
・Yuri Nomura (presidency of eatrip/cook)

■ Delivery method ・Instagram live
delivered from the account of

■Request We will accept comments and questions during the live broadcast. Due to limited time, we may not be able to answer on the day, but please send us your questions and impressions.

Profile Rikio Hashimoto
Born in Mie Prefecture in 1952.
After graduating from the Department of International Agricultural Development, Tokyo University of Agriculture in 1977, he started organic farming. 2000 Chairman's Award for Promoting Environmental Conservation Agriculture 2007 Guidance on Bolivian compost Since then, he has supported the Philippines, Palestine, Nepal, and the Republic of Palau with food waste recycling. Lecturer at Japan Agricultural Management College.


After living a vegan life in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, he felt the power of real juice through his own experience, and opened Japan's first cold-pressed juice specialty store, Sunshine Juice. We are particular about the ingredients we use, and we visit producers all over the country, collect ingredients filled with the energy of the sun and soil, squeeze them, and deliver live nutrition in juice. We are also working on composting the leftovers after squeezing the juice. Currently, we are working with the Farmers. in Ichinomiya, Chiba Prefecture and ome farm in Ome, Tokyo to create soil using the Hashimoto method, and we have achieved zero food waste at the store. !

Yuri NomuraInfluenced by her mother, who ran a hospitality class for many years, she started cooking.
In addition to directing catering food, cooking classes, serializing in magazines and appearing on radio, he expresses the possibilities of food in a wide range of ways, including recipe development, event planning, and cooking supervision for movies and TV programs. Opened restaurant eatrip (Harajuku) in 2012 and eatrip soil (Omotesando) in November 2019. Respecting the producers, the wild, and the seasons, he continues his activities with the hope of conveying the power, richness, and deliciousness of food through cooking. Co-authored with Yukari Iki, "TASTY OF LIFE" (Aogensha).


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