Seasonal juice "Jabara Turmeric" is ready!

Seasonal juice

Seasonal juice "Jabara Turmeric" is ready. A blend of jabara, turmeric, pear, lemon and celery.

Hay fever countermeasure juice using citrus "Jabara" from Saga Prefecture, which is rich in flavonoid ingredients that suppress allergies.

A refreshingly spicy juice blended with Okinawan turmeric!

In addition, we started adding green mandarin orange powder as a topping that can be added to your favorite juice.

A powder that has a high anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect, and is highly effective in improving rough skin such as hay fever and atopy. Please try topping it with juice!

Full-fledged pollen season. Take measures against hay fever with the power of nature before coming! Now on sale at the Ebisu store!

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