Special Juice "Summer Detoxer" Frozen juice is ready!

Special Juice

The summer detoxer, which is mainly from the gourd family, is a juice that is perfect for hot summers with a refreshing taste and a high detox effect that improves circulation in the body.

Some people say that it is difficult to drink when it comes to Cucurbitaceae, or that they are a little reluctant to drink, but Summer Detoxer is easy to drink! Although it has a slight blueness peculiar to Cucurbitaceae, it also has a sweetness due to the addition of citrus fruits. Even those who are not good at cucumbers can drink this! He said.

Seasonal ingredients at that time contain the most nutrients that we need at that time. By taking cucumbers, which contain plenty of natural water, you will be able to replenish your body with fresh and natural water, and you will be able to feel the power.

A frozen summer detoxer that you can drink like a sports drink! Stock up in your freezer!
This natural mineral water will help prevent summer fatigue.

Available in limited quantities at the online shop. Please help us.

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