Seasonal menu Sakura Citrus is ready!

Seasonal menu Sakura Citrus is ready!

This seasonal juice is a super beautiful skin menu!

“Sakura Citrus” 6-bottle set is now on sale at the online shop!

A blend of several types of citrus fruit rich in vitamin C, which is essential for beautiful skin, and topped with spring-like cherry blossom powder.

The citrus fruits used are mandarin oranges, kabosu, lemon, hassaku, dekopon, and daidai.

This refreshing juice is perfect for the new year, with its refreshing sourness that will make your body feel crisp.

Sakura powder contains AGEs, which are produced when excess sugar in the blood combines with proteins in the body (when they increase, the aging of the skin, bones, and blood vessels accelerates, causing age spots and wrinkles, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis). It has the effect of suppressing the production of.

At the same time, it promotes collagen production, so you can expect firmness and elasticity of your skin.

This juice prevents both oxidation and saccharification of the body and provides anti-aging care.

A refreshing, spring-like juice perfect for the cherry blossom viewing season. Please try it during the exciting season.

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