Seasonal juice rhubarb and paprika is ready!

Seasonal juice rhubarb and paprika is ready!

We have made a juice of ruby rhu​​barb from SunFriend Farm in Shinshu Yatsugatake and pesticide-free paprika grown by Mr. Yamanobe in Kyoto!

Ingredients are ruby rhubarb, red paprika, and apple.

Rhubarb is rare in Japan, but it is a vegetable that has been popular in Europe and America for a long time.

In addition to being rich in vitamin C and potassium, it is also rich in anthocyanin, which is said to be good for eyestrain and presbyopia!

Red paprika, which is particularly nutritious among paprika, actually has twice as much β-carotene and vitamin C as bell peppers!

The pigment component "capsanthin" has a strong antioxidant effect and works to increase good cholesterol, and it can be expected to improve lifestyle-related diseases.

Both juices are surprisingly bright in color, and the refreshing sourness of ruby rhuberb and the fresh scent of red paprika are the best complements to the juice, so please try it!

Refresh yourself with this invigorating red juice to wash away the fatigue that has accumulated over the summer.


*Rhubarb contains sennosides, which are said to have a uterine contraction effect, so please refrain from taking this if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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