Seasonal juice pear and basil is ready!

Seasonal juice pear and basil is ready!

Seasonal limited edition “Pear and Basil” frozen cold-pressed juice is now available!

Pear juice, which is in season now, is rich in potassium and can be expected to relieve swelling, prevent high blood pressure, and regulate metabolism.

The pears from Fukuoka Hayashi Farm are very fresh and have a gentle sweetness.

This year, we combined pear juice, which is popular every year, with basil from Morisaki Farm in Hiroshima Prefecture to create a new fragrant juice called ``Pear and Basil.''

Basil has a strong anti-oxidant effect, so it has a high anti-aging effect, and its scent is said to have a relaxing effect, regulating the autonomic nervous system and suppressing stress and anxiety.

We also blend ginger, which can help fight the cold, and lemon, which is rich in vitamin C and citric acid and can fight off colds and fatigue.

We recommend frozen juices made by cold-pressing domestic vegetables and fruits that you meet while talking with producers, as you can stock them in your freezer at home and drink them whenever you like.

At this time of the year when the seasons are changing and the temperature and climate continue to change, please take a breather with a glass of juice.

The 6-piece set is now on sale at our online shop!

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