"Heartbeat" developed with Suguru Osako will be on sale at the Ebisu store on Monday, September 14th!

Yesterday's JUICY TALK vol.13 How was Japan's fastest marathon runner Suguru Osako's wonderful talk? If you missed it, we will recap it in the text at a later date, so please look forward to it!

Whether you run or not, let's maintain your body from the inside with Sunshine Juice. Beets are recommended. The nitrate contained in beets expands blood vessels, improves blood flow in the body, and is useful in relieving fatigue. And from next Monday, we will start selling "Heart Beat", a juice that helps recover from fatigue using beets produced with Osako at the Sunshine Juice Ebisu store. Please try it. And for those who can't come to the store, we recommend "Refresh Beats" sold at the online shop.

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