"new moon juice club" The new moon in March is on the 22nd (Wednesday)

“new moon juice club”, a community for juice cleansing at the timing of the new moon
The new moon in March is on the 22nd (Wednesday)

We are now accepting orders for March from our online shop!

The juice menu for March is
・"Celery Juice 1L, Daily Juice 'Carrot' 1L" for both store and online shop menus

Celery juice is a 100% celery juice that was popular at the Ebisu store.
Celery juice is rich in water and rich in vitamins, minerals, and folic acid.

In addition, apiin and pyrazine, which are the components of the celery scent, are said to relieve stress, improve disturbance of the autonomic nervous system, and relieve headaches and anxiety.
It is a refreshing and easy-to-drink menu that is recommended for the unstable times of the seasons.

The beta-carotene (vitamin A) contained in carrots is effective in maintaining the health of skin and mucous membranes, and improving dry eyes and presbyopia. Jerusalem artichokes contain inulin, a water-soluble dietary fiber, which is said to slow the rise in postprandial blood sugar levels and help regulate the intestines.

The online shop can be delivered from this month on orders until March 12th.

We are looking forward to your participation.

new moon juice club

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