「new moon juice club」 The new moon in February is on the 20th (Monday)

「new moon juice club」 The new moon in February is on the 20th (Monday)
A community that does a juice cleanse at the timing of the new moon
"new moon juice club"
February new moon is 20th (Monday)

For those who find it hard to cleanse alone, once a month, you can do a juice cleanse at the timing of the new moon and share various experiences to keep everyone healthy!

By starting the cycle of the new moon cleanly, the body as well as the mind will be prepared. Furthermore, it is highly recommended because it leads to awareness of the rhythm of the moon.

The new moon juice club special course juice cleanse consists of 1L x 2 types of juice, totaling 2L, to be drunk over the course of a day.

If you purchase from the online shop, we will deliver 2L of frozen juice once a month in time with the new moon.
For online shop purchases, orders placed by February 13th (Monday) can be delivered from this month.
It will be sold out as soon as it reaches the capacity, so please buy it at this opportunity.

Reservations are not required for those picking up at the Ebisu store, and purchases can be made at the store after the evening of February 19 (Sun) or on the same day, February 20 (Mon). (Telephone reservation possible)
Please bring your own bottle. If you do not have your own bottle, you can purchase two 1L glass bottles.

The juice menu for February is
・ Both store menu and online shop menu
"Winter Roots 1L, Daily Juice "Kale" 1L"

Winter roots (apple/carrot/turnip/beetroot/ginger/lemon)
February special juice!

Mainly root vegetables that are powerful in winter! Also known as an “eating blood transfusion,” beets have been attracting attention in recent years for their various effects, such as improving blood circulation, softening blood vessels, preventing anemia, and increasing endurance. Turnips are rich in the digestive enzyme diastase, which can be expected to improve stomach upset and heartburn. Carrots are rich in β-carotene and are effective for anti-aging and boosting immunity. Ginger warms the body and increases metabolism. It is a cold-weather-resistant dish that recharges the energy of root vegetables that have absorbed nutrients in the soil.

*In the case of store purchase, the specified juice may be sold out. In that case, we will prepare another juice, so please take care of it.
*Please thaw the frozen juice in the refrigerator the day before. (If you are in a hurry, defrost under running water.)

On the day of the new moon, drink about 200-300ml of juice every 2 hours starting in the morning. You can cleanse more effectively by drinking a non-caffeinated hot drink (white water, natural remedies, herbal tea, etc.) in roughly the same amount as juice, without solids. It is also recommended for those who are concerned about the coldness of the body.

We look forward to your participation.

new moon juice club 2/20

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