"new moon juice club" will be collaborating with IGNITE YOGA from this year.

"new moon juice club"
Collaboration with IGNITE YOGA from this year.
Do yoga while doing a juice cleanse, prepare your mind and body, and welcome the new month comfortably.

We look forward to your participation everyone.

Below is a quote from Ignite Yoga
"new moon juice club" proposed by SUNSHINE JUICE
Spend every new moon day with just juice to reset your body from the inside out. A community that starts a new month comfortably.
Starting this year, the "new moon juice club" will be collaborating with IGNITE YOGA to upgrade.

The first new moon of 2023 is Sunday, January 22nd
As the first collaboration project, a special yoga class will be held at IGNITE YOGA STUDIO h on Sunday, January 22nd from 18:30-19:30!

After yoga, you will drink SUNSHINE JUICE New Moon Special Juice. A new moon day is a time when you are more likely to receive new ideas and inspiration. Spread the space within yourself and get ready to evolve into a new and better you!
Time to stop and reset from the rushing flow of time to become even better. I hope everyone can spend their days in good health.
Yoga will be led by Sunshine Juice PR and IGNITE YOGA instructor Akari .

Also, from February onwards, every new moon day, the class from 18:30-19:30 will be new moon juice club×IGNITE YOGA! (18:30-19:30 class or special lesson held)

Furthermore! New moon yoga live will also be distributed on Ignite Instagram . Please join the "new moon juice club" from your home. (After February)

looking forward to!

[Date] 1/22 (sun) 18:30-19:30
[Lecturer] Akari
[Participation fee] 1500 yen (free for members) with new moon juice
[Capacity] 20 people
Applications are being accepted on the IGNITE YOGA web schedule.


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