「new moon juice club」 The new moon in March is Thursday, March 3rd.

「new moon juice club」 The new moon in March is Thursday, March 3rd.

"new moon juice club"
The new moon in March is on the 3rd (Thursday)

By starting the cycle of the new moon cleanly, the body as well as the mind will be prepared. Furthermore, it is highly recommended because it leads to awareness of the rhythm of the moon.

A community for juice cleansing at the timing of the new moon "new moon juice club" Even those who find it difficult to do a cleanse alone can share various experiences by doing a juice cleanse once a month at the timing of the new moon. Stay healthy everyone!

In addition, it is easy to schedule according to the month, so it is recommended because it is easy to incorporate. The new moon juice club special course juice cleanse consists of 1L x 2 types of juice, totaling 2L, over the course of a day.

The juice menu for March is 1L of daily juice and 1L of jabara turmeric.

Start drinking about 200-300ml of juice every 2 hours starting in the morning. Do not take solid foods, and drink non-caffeine hot drinks (white water, chaga, herbal tea, etc.) along with juice to keep your body from getting cold.

The price is 5000 yen for 2L of New Moon special price. However, please bring your own bottle. If you do not have your own bottle, you can purchase a 1L glass bottle.

Reservations are not required for those picking up at the Ebisu store. Please pick up at the store after the evening of March 2 (Wednesday) or on the same day, March 3 (Thursday). We look forward to your participation.


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